Los Angeles singer-songwriter and producer Frogi has come close to gaining more attention since she released “moonlight” eighteen months ago. Since then, she rose to Hype Machine, reached the top 5 songs and top 10 artists, and the fashion world welcomed her with in-store playlists from H&M and Ralph Lauren.
Having released everything to date independently, including her latest and most widely spread song ‘Dylan’, frogi is now sharing her new single ‘phantom limb’, which is the first release from the new Apartment 22 label.

Music News caught up with Frogi to fund more …

Tell us about your new single ‘Phantom Limb’.
It is a very special song for me. Having a conversation with my younger self was so healing and necessary to grow as a human. It took me around fifteen different versions before I found the right one, so it’s been a great process in production as well. Because I produce everything myself, I felt quite fearless in the decisions I was making, and I’m very proud of where the track ended up.

Dreamy and poetic, what did you set out to translate into your vocal style?
Thanks! Dreamy and poetic are definitely great words to describe my goals with vocal sound. I never want to reveal too much with the lyrics, but I also want it to sound familiar and easy to identify. It is definitely a balance. I’m a huge vocal production nerd and I spend a lot of time on harmonies and arrangements. There are always many layers within my vocal productions and I think that adds to my distinctive style. I never really start with a particular goal, I just work and see what sounds good to me at the moment. My taste is quite particular so it always ends up being in the same world.

Are you always experimenting with sound?
Yes! I love trying new methods and finding unconventional sounds. Finding new ways to manipulate and experience sound will always keep me inspired. As soon as I find myself stuck in the same group of samples or instruments, I try to find new ones to test.

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve?
Relatively! I will never know exactly what the future holds. I am clear about the fact that I will continue creating and making music whatever happens. All I can hope is that more and more people enjoy it! I hope to expand my productions and work with more artists as well. I have really loved producing for other people.

When can we expect an album?
I hope soon! It has been one of my goals to make a complete album. My dream is to go to the mountains for a month or two and just focus on one album and write it from start to finish. I definitely have enough songs for an album, but I’m very curious about a concept / story type of album, so when I make one, I think it will.

You’re hitting more and more playlists as word spreads, if you had to sum up your style, how would you go about it?
Yes, it has been incredibly exciting. I am very grateful. This is a very difficult question for me to answer as people interpret my musical style in different ways. I’m a bit of a bedroom / indie / pop dreamy I guess. Sonically, I try to create what is in my head and it sounds like it does.

What are your musical ambitions?
I always hope to improve my production capacity. I have grown a lot in the last 8 years producing, and I want to experiment and try harder. I also have a girl’s choir that play live with me. They are called the frogi friends and they are all in the entertainment industry in one form or another. We help each other and support each other’s music. It is really beautiful. But I wish the frogi friends would grow up and make it a label / collective one day.

Who are your heroes in music?
Stevie Nicks, Justin Vernon, David Bowie, Tove Lo and many more.

When did the musical bug first bite you?
As a child when he sang in school and in choirs. My sisters and I would always sing together too. I’ve always been a singer and it just grew from there.

When can we expect to see you in the UK?
I hope soon! I would love to come.

For someone who hasn’t found you yet, what three songs would you say, look at these, summarize me?
Big question! I’d say Dylan, phantom limb, and until I turn blue.

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